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Success is Better Alive
To Enjoy One's Talent
Not To Let Heirs Thrive
From One's Aknowledgement!

Triomphe de Venus

The death of Vincent van Gogh

The Dutch post-Impressionist painter died in July, 29 of 1890, in his room at the Auberge Ravoux in the village of Auvers-sur-Oise in northern France. He suffered a gunshot wound two days earlier not far from the inn. It has been widely reported that he shot himself in the chest, wishing to end his life.

Inondation à Port-Marly

"...As a Thunderbird and a global citizen, I promise : I will strive to act with honesty and integrity, I will respect the rights and dignity of all people, I will strive to create sustainable prosperity worldwide, I will oppose all forms of corruption and exploitation, and I will take responsibility for my actions.

I hold true to these principles, it is my hope that I may enjoy an honorable reputation and peace of conscience.
This pledge I make freely and upon my honor.
Extract from
Professional Oath of Honor

"I do swear, that I do not hold myself Bound to yield any Alegiance or obedience to the King of great Britain his heirs or successors, and that I will be true and faithful the the State of Maryland, and will, to the utmost of my Power, support, maintain, and defend the freedom and independence thereof, and the Government as now Established, against all open Enemies, and Secret and traiterous Conspiracies, and will use my utmost endeavours to disclose and make known to the Governer, and or some one of the binations, against this State or the Government therof, which may come to my knowledge.  help me God.

Oath quoted in full prescribed by General Assembly, section XIII, chapter XX, Laws of Maryland, February Session, 1777.

Vigne rouge

Alfred SISLEY died on January 29, 1899 in Moret-sur-Loing.
At the Tavernier sale of March 6, 1900, a year after his death, his painting "Flood at Port-Marly" (Orsay Museum - Paris) reached a high bidding : success which had been denied to Sisley during his life.


Exposition Monet 2010 : Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais Paris du 22/11/2010 au 24/01/2011 -  
Le Louvre
: 35000 oeuvres d'art (Boticelli, Poussin, Rubens, Delacroix, Géricault, DeVinci etc)

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