Positive self image - Vows, Oaths, Swear and Pledge - Method C.A.R.M.A

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Who Knows What will Be
Or What Will Not Be?
Is It The Witness Who Affirmed
Seing What He Still Ignored?

illusion of self-image

For Ages
The World's Reverberation
Shows A Reversed Motion
After A Full Observation
As One Can't See Nothing
This Lack Of Reflection
Reveals The Unbeing!

narcissistic personality disorder

segA roF
noitarebreveR s'dlroW ehT
noitoM desreveR A swohS
noitavresbO lluF A retfA
gnihtoN eeS t'naC enO sA
niotcelfeR fO kcaL sihT
!gniebnU ehT slaeveR

echo personality disorder
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