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When Awareness Wants To Proceed
Deserved Answers There are So Few
But Its Quest Can Be Achieved
If, From the Past, She Reaps the Cue!

dictionary of Algorithmes Carma
Aristotelis Logica

Bibliography and selected sources in Rhetoric concerned by Method C.A.R.M.A. :

*. French dictionary "Le Petit Robert"
*. French dictionary "Le petit Robert des noms propres"
*. Personal Collection of 12 volumes "Encyclopédie Universelle du XXe siècle"
*. On line dictionary Crisco and Wikipedia.
*. Greek and Roman Mythology dictionary Larousse.
*. Maïeutic (procedure of pedagogy / Socratic method dated IVe century BC)
*. Mnemonic (mind memory devices)
*. Ciceron (Ars memoriae / De oratore)
*. Direct reference theory (John Stuart Mill)
*. The Organon (standard collection of his six works / Aristotelian logic).
*. Nicomachean ethics (Among Aristotle's 14 books)

the roman wolrd of cicero's de oratore
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