Threshold of consciousness - Vows, Oaths, Swear and Pledge - Method C.A.R.M.A

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Free Yourself From Your Vows
To Find Another Option
Than Death Or Mortification
And Live As Free Fellows

Workshop of Algorithmes Carma

An Oath

Is a Formula or a Code That Expresses A Solemn Commitment (Personal or Reciprocal, Public or to Oneself) In Order To Avoid Temptations.


Observing Your Commitment
Leads to Good Prosperity
(Integration, Presence and Glee
Salute, Abundance, Honor
Grace, Integration, Favor)

But in Case of Infringement
Expect Only Desolation
(Shame, Pain and Damnation
Frigidness, Contempt, Absence
Dishonor And Ignorance)

An Abjuration

(Renunciation under oath Involving a Sacred Being or Object as Witness Related) is a Paradoxal Program That Overrides Conditions of Respect and Perjury.

Sedecias parjury
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