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Twisted Words

Algorithm CARMA
Mechanism that regulates the functioning of organised thought and explicited by similar Mathematicians' representations : brain has a disctinct activity ;  it can make any image-based or algorithmed realisations, with which feelings interact and be transformed into "objects".
An algorithm can be used to the knowledge of worthwhile intellectual cerebrations necessary for distinguishing true from false and the proof of the truth. Extending the word to other areas is due to widespread use of math methods.
Synonyms : : machination, process.
Antonyms: Improvidence, Lack of foresignt, Recklessness.

Apocalypse :
End of a world. Revelation. Removing the veil. Greek root meaning "laid bare".
Synonyms : Secret violation. Insider Trading . Exhibitionism.
Antonyms : Blindness. Appearances. Veil.

: Countdown of Apparently Remarkable Memorized Actions. Paradoxical method of mental management required to recall previous knowledge in order to know the truth about ourself. Method of Synchronization of past and present.
Synonyms : Serendipity.
Antonyms : Karma (law of act), Irreversible process, Fate.

Commitment : 1. Action to pawn. 2. Action to be bound by a promise, an oath, a vow or a simple convention. 3. Recruitment by agreement between the military government and an individual not subject to a compulsory military service. 4. Contract by which some people rent their services. 5. Action to start an action. 6. Act or intellectual attitude after becoming aware of belonging to a group, a society or to the present world by abnegation.
Synonyms : Chain, Damned soul, Indebtedness, Libertinism.
Antonyms :
Corruption, Denial, Depravity, Perjury.

Stake : 1. What we risk in a game and belongs to the winner, at the end of the game. 2. It's a challenge one can be won or lost  in any business or economic activity (benefit, success, developping) or (the glory, the reward of victory).

Synonyms : Risk.
Offside (refering to law 11 of the offside).

Implant (of memory) : False-memory attached to a geometric form (E.g a square), a blinding light (e.g flash), a music and a regular rythm used for a significant mental programming. These short data are often verbal but can be represented as well by symbols. It complements the recurrence of a situation. The information is impossible to forget and is stored at the threshold of consciousness, ready to reactivate at any moment when the meaning emerges. An implant is a tremendous artificial Memory.
Memory : ability to retain and recall past states of consciousness and what it is associated.
Synonyms : Resentment (enduring memory kept to an insult or injury with bitterness, animosity.
Antonyms : Amnesia. Prospective Memory (self-initiated remembering to perform an intented action or simply to remember!)

Maïeutic : greek root of this procedure of pedagogy : maieutiké "art of given birth". It is based on the idea that the truth is latent in the mind of every human being due to his innate reason but has to be "given birth" by answering questions (or problems) correctly proposed. The Maïeutic method, in contrast to the irony, is based on a theory of reminiscence for conjuring forgotten previous lives knowledges.

Oath : 1.Solemn pronouncement to affirm the truth of a statement, often involving a sacred being or object as witness Related. 2. A formal declaration or promise to fulfill a pledge to do something, often calling on God. Affirmation (personal or reciprocal) delivered in public.  
3. The words or formula of such a declaration or promise.
4. An irreverent or blasphemous use of the name of God or something held sacred.
Synonyms : Imprecation, Prohibition. Taboo.
Antonyms : Perjury, denial.

Prayer : is an act, a form of religious attitude directed towards one or more deities according to his own faith. It may be codified or not, either individual or communal. It can be isolated and unique according to a singular history, ritual, spontaneous or even permanent in great believers. Prayers are expressed for the purpose of worshiping, requesting guidance, requesting assistance as well as confessing sins. Thus, people pray for many reasons such as personal benefit or for the sake of others.
Synonyms : Entreaty, conjuration, invocation, supplication.
Antonyms : Blackmail, challenge, threat, ultimatum.

Quest : 1. The act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something ; a search. 2. Persistent search for someone, something. An expedition undertaken in medieval romance by a knight in order to perform a prescribed feat : the quest for the Holy Grail
3. To search for game.
Synonyms : Ambition, inquisition, begging, suit, claim, thirst.
Antonyms : Alienation, depletion, dispersion

Recurrence :  to return to one's attention or memories. (ex : Fibonacci sequence). In Mathematics, a recurrence relation  recursively defines a sequence, each term of the sequence is defined as a function of the preceding terms.
A demonstration by recurrence is a process that consists to extend to all terms of a sequence what is valid for the first two.
Synonyms : Systematic compulsive reaction.
Antonyms : confusion, inversion.

Reference : In addition to the concept of certificates or recommendations, in philosophy, a reference is a function by which a sign refers to what it means. A reference is the intensional use of one thing, a reference state to indicate something else. Certificate, bibliography, model, previous recommendation,
Synonyms : Implication, Presumption, Tribute.  
Antonyms : Cryptage, denial.

: 1. Technique recovering, at the end of the sentence, the words that were at the beginning, explaining them one by one. Eg : She left him with restlessness and contempt ;  impatience because he annoyed her, disdain because he was not rich (Montherl., Chaos and Night).
2. Logical : analytical approach of the mind that is composed of the simple principle of consequences, effects to the cause (Analysis).
3. Reduction of complex data, taken by clusters over a physical or economic phenomenon to a simpler data which sometimes reveals a hidden law.
4. In economics, the regression is applied to problems where variables can be reversed. Eg : Prices vary upon request or Demand depending on prices. Regression is even stronger when correlation between two phenomena is lower, and vice versa.
Regression analysis is widely used for prediction and forecasting.
Synonyms : Dérivation, Escape.
Antonyms : Transgression, violation

: person whose function is to help souls to understand their condition of reincarnation (ie the transmutation or what makes the difference with the previous existences).
Synonyms : Materialist. Function : comes from the Latin meaning "fulfillment, walking" and the verb meaning fungi "perform".
Antonyms : Abstractor (Latin: that separates the excess)

Scandal : Greek : scandalon = obstacle, stumbling block.
1. Occasion of sin created by the person who inspires others to turn away from God.
2. Disturbing and paradoxal religious event.
3. Annoying and offensive effect produced by the public of facts or acts or remarks deemed contrary to morality and customs. 4. What raises a case of conscience, a faith disorder, a loss of reason for its incomprehensibility. Huge impact of an event or a behavior that provoked blasphemy and punishment.
Synonyms :  Mortification
Antonyms : Edification, Moralization

Subliminal : Which is below the threshold of consciousness. All states and mental operations that do not reach consciousness. eg Subliminal advertising (Commercials below the threshold of perception that aims the unconscious of the recipient)
Synonyms : Haunting, hypnotic.
Antonyms : Deliberate, Intentional.

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