Death blow - Vows, Oaths, Swear and Pledge - Method C.A.R.M.A

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By Giving Up Gambling
Pledges And Abjurations
I Agree Committing
To Life And True Actions!

Solomon's Wise Judgment

11th Telltale

Do Your Best and Respect
The Spirit of The Game
Three Oppositions To Accept
For A Rehabilitation Aim


Death Blow

Hereby and Consciously
I Want to Break Free
From Gamblings, Omen,
Vows and Abjuration
Pronounced Purposely or Unwittingly
On Earth as in Heaven
Individually or in Conjunction
By Myself or Towards Me
Without Me or Against Me.

13th Telltale

Depends On The Bad Hit
The Stake is A Free Hit
Directly  Given
Or Through A Warden

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